A’Famosa uses our CMS to manage and update their weekly promotional activities at their resorts.

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Further Advance Industries (FAI) uses our CMS to update their growing directory of products. 

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Looking for good skincare products?  BML updates their websites on these.  Check them out!

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1. no maintenance fees

2. 1 year free hosting

3. no special skill required

4. update your website anyway, any time


Our Content Management System (CMS) allows our clients to edit the web pages on their own without a web designer.

Most suitable for clients who:-

  1. have daily, weekly, monthly updates
  2. prefer to have their own control on the content of the web
  3. have a need for more than 1 language (it is multilingual)

Pre-requisite to manage our CMS:-

  1. must be familiar with MS Word
  2. must enjoy working in a web environment
  3. must understand simple terms such as “browse”, “upload”, “save”
  4. do not mind minimal contact with our web designers


How does it work

  1. Launch your Internet Explorer (minimum version 6 and above)
  2. login to your website
  3. launch another tab on your browser (or perhaps a new window)
  4. login to your admin panel
  5. click on “content”
  6. Click on “web content”
  7. click on “add new content” to add pages
  8. Click on the pencil icon to make changes
  9. Save your work
  10. Go back to the first tab
  11. Refresh the page
  12. smile at the changes you’ve just made!


Benefits of using our CMS

  1. Self-administered
  2. self-controlled by our clients
  3. all you need is a browser and a working internet connection
  4. no annual licensing fees
  5. no annual usage fees
  6. simple and easy to understand, as oppose to Joomla and Mambo
  7. printer-friendly page enabled
  8. hide a page until you are ready to show the world


How much does it cost


Its not nice to announce our cost here.  Our competitors are eyeing us.
Click here to email us and we will send you an official quote.  No worries.





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