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Our SEO Guarantee

When client submit to us a keyword to SEO, we will do a thorough check to see if it is worth investing onto a particular keyword or not. Our guarantee is to provide you with valid statistical information for you to make a sound and profitable decision on your choiced keyword.

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Another video by DiversitySEO on why buy SEO services. Short and sweet. If this is you, contact us as well at 012-205 1591 or hello@webflexx.com

Despite our already-low price, you will still be able to find out why there are other SEO consultants who can offer a lower price then us.

There are way too many bad apples in the industry. There are some of them who even offer SEO services at a fraction of what we charge, although our charges are already very low.

How these people function is to suggest you unprofitable keywords where there are less than 100 LOCAL searches conducted per month. For example, "SEO services in Jalan Perindustrian Pelangi". You can bet that we can place you at the NUMBER ONE position for this keyword at Google, however, you will not be getting any enquiries for this artificial-success as the number of web visitors who Google that is non-existent!

SEO Reseller Rate

Kindly contact us to qualify for an SEO Reseller Rate.

Want More Online Sales Fast? Buy SEO! A short video by DiversitySEO

"I totally did not expect an increase in online sales! I thought you were just sweet-talking me into it!"

- This client runs a political portal-

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Webflexx Creative Technology Services

We specialised in web design and website development. Our web design department consists of experienced and professional designers.

  1. Excellence with Integrity and Diligence
  2. Experience counts!
  3. Efficient ?emphasis on timing, deadline & design
  4. Enthusiastic about new ventures and challenges
  5. Effective web solutions. Come talk to us!

The web design industry is a highly fierce one. Our competitors consist of creative web designers as young as high school students and as old as website owners who are attempting web development for the first time in their lives. In order to stay competitive, we at Webflexx tries our utmost effort to provide the best web solutions for our clients, hoping they in return will recommend us to their contacts and networks. At this juncture, we would like to thank all our clients for their recommendation to their contacts thus far. Yeah, and they do get a one-year free web hosting from us as our way of thanking them for their kindness. After all, this is a win-win situation for all.

Our web design solutions are inexpensive and you will be surprised that we serve students and housewives too. So, if you have a need and need our expertise, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to be of service to you.

In the mean time, continue to check us out all over the page. Feel our free-and-easy design, read our blog, or just chat with us. See our design portfolio and perhaps you may know people from those organisations. Call them and check us out. Or check out their webpage design which we have created for them!

Oh yeah, we do have celebrities in our design portfolio too. And yes, we have served non-profit organisations and gave them free websites as well. Do you know that all non-profit organisations are entitled to free web hosting from us? If you think you represent one, just call us. We will arrange it for you. But ahem, of course, we will have to validate through first and not all non-profit orgs qualify for this goodie. If you think you do, try us, call us and we will try you. =)

Anyway, go ahead, browse around. Check out our designs. Have a nice day! :)

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